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We are not a pet store, 

We do not grant purchase privileges to just anyone with the financial means. 

Rude inquiries will not get a response from us.

We reserves the right to refuse or cancel a sale, and 100% of all monies paid will be refunded to the buyer .

We don't offer stud services.

All our kittens are born, and raised in our home, kittens are not purchased and resold.

Only catteries  can have the rights of breeding on pedigrees . 


Hand over


Within UAE

as per ministry and WCF requirement as per the UAE law

new owner will receive 

1- Pedigree issued from WCF.

2- The vaccinations documents or passport which should include the pet’s microchip number and the entire description of the pet (breed, color, gender and birthday) and vaccination up to date .

3- A verified medical  veterinarian will examen the pet clarifying that it has been externally examined without any sickly symptoms.

at delivery if you wish 

Once the vet insure the kitten is  healthy ( externally examined without any sickly symptoms as per ministry requirement not genetic blood test  )


once delivery is done.

we then later don't  guarantee the kitten no more as the kitten have left with the buyer and no more under our super vision.


Out of UAE 

shipping companies require a 72hours valid health certificate issued from the ministry in order for a cat to travel on board.  

Kittens will NOT be held on verbal promises.

We have the right to change prices without notice. The only way to lock in the current price is by placing a deposit .

Deposit is 50% of the full price, will come off the price of the kitten.

Deposits will NOT be refunded or transferred to another kitten if a buyer changed his mind.

Kittens must be 11-12 weeks of age or otherwise approved by us and the vet before leaving the nursery.

If a buyer connection got no response  or late a week of the delivery date We reserve the right to cancel the sale and refund 50% of the full amount  if fully paid keeping 50% that goes towards lost sales time.

if only reserved ( reservation is non refundable)


shipping is available 

Full Payment is required before starting shipping document.

price range 


1500$ up to 3000$

Waiting list 

To join  our list 

you can apply here 




waiting list form
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